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Summer STEM Bucket List

Summer STEM Bucket List

Keep your little scientist engaged this summer with these exciting STEM challenges! They are hands-on, collaborative, and encourage your future engineer to think creatively to solve problems.

Challenge #1 Rock and Roll(ercoaster)

Overview: Individually or with some friends, summer scientists will design and build a rollercoaster!
Materials needed:

A cardboard box or a piece of cardboard for the base
A hot glue gun and glue sticks
Straws – solid color ones are fun!
A ping pong ball
A bowl to catch the ball at the bottom (optional)

Challenge #2 Wet and Wild Waterslide

Overview: Individually or with some friends, summer scientists will design and build a waterslide!

Materials needed:

Cardboard tubes & small cups
Masking Tape
Straws – solid color ones are fun!
Small toys to test out your slide
Pipe cleaners
Water of course!

Challenge #3 Blast-Off Boats!

Overview: Individually or with some friends, summer scientists will explore movement powered by science through designing and building boats!

Materials needed:

Electrical Tape
Bottle Cap
Your choice of recycled materials (cardboard, plastic, foam, etc. )
Baking Soda
Water of course!

Science IS Sweet Extra Challenge!

Overview: Individually or with some friends, summer scientists will explore states of matter as they make their own ice cream in a bag!

Materials needed:

One gallon sized baggie
One quart or sandwich sized baggie
½ cup rock salt
½ cup heavy whipping cream
1 tablespoon sugar
Flavor: a few drops of vanilla or chocolate sauce (optional)

The goal of STEM education is to create confidence while building perseverance through experimentation and investigation. To best prepare future leaders for our ever changing global world, International School of Texas is proud to provide our students, Early Childhood-Grade 5, with a fully equipped STEM/Inquiry Lab. The lab serves as an inquiry driven classroom that encourages collaboration between students to creatively solve problems. Do you have a little scientist eager for more STEM education? Visit our website to learn more or call (512) 351-3403 to schedule a tour.

-Bethani Emery, Director of Admissions, International School of Texas

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Austin Kid’s Directory 20th Anniversary Skate Party on July 23rd!

Austin Kid’s Directory 20th Anniversary Skate Party on July 23rd!

The Austin Kid's Directory is celebrating their 20th Anniversary with a Skate Party & Fundraiser for the The Junior League of Austin's FIT Program (Food in Tummies). Everyone is invited to this family friendly event on July 23rd from 6-9pm! Bring your friends and family and come celebrate 20 years with us! Kiwi the Clown ( will be there with face painting & balloon twisting! The concession stand will be open for purchases of snacks and of course there will be birthday cake:)

Admission cost is a minimum $5 donation per person to the FIT Program and includes skates (roller blades can be rented from Playland for an additional $3) and use of indoor playscape for kids under the height of 52".

Guests will receive 1 raffle ticket for every $5 donated and can choose which prizes they would like to have a chance to win. The more you donate the more chances you have to win AND the more money raised to support FIT. They provide weekend meals for economically disadvantaged students. With a donation of just $5 FIT can provide a child with a backpack of weekend nutrition. Help us help them make a difference for these kids in our community!

Raffle for GREAT prizes donated by:

Ashley's Playhouse Drop-in Childcare
British Swim School Austin
Catch Air
Austin Zoo
Mt. Playmore
Bullock Texas State History Museum
Slavin Nadal School of Ballet
Playland Skate Center
Austin Yard Cards
Main Event
KAOS Children's Hair Salon
The Golf School
Round Rock Express
Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy
and MORE!

Raffles will be drawn at 8pm...must be present to win.

Limited tickets to this event are available so mark your calendar and get your tickets early by visiting Eventbrite.

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5 Minutes and 10 Simple Things That COULD SAVE YOUR CHILD’S LIFE!

5 Minutes and 10 Simple Things That COULD SAVE YOUR CHILD’S LIFE!

Would you do something for 5 minutes if it meant that you might save your child’s life?

If you say YES, then keep reading. Your 5 minutes has already begun.

Summer is here and the water is calling to you and your family as you look for fun places to beat the heat. I ask you to please take water seriously and helping to prevent your children from drowning. Last year, Texas lost 107 children to fatal drownings while 6-7X more survived a non-fatal drowning incident. This year, our numbers are already up to 40! We must change our behaviors to keep our children (and ourselves) safe around water.

My name is Alissa Magrum and I am the Executive Director of the local drowning prevention nonprofit, Colin’s Hope, and a mom to 3 pre-teen girls, all who are strong swimmers. 9 years ago, I didn’t think drowning was something I needed to worry about at all.

Then Colin drowned.
And Connor drowned.
And Averie drowned.
And Tristan and Elise and Paxton and Emma Grace and Brandon and Xander and so many other children drowned.
And Clay and Jack and Brady and Mason so many more children survived drowning incidents.

These children have changed my mind. Drowning is something I do NEED to worry about. And so do YOU! I love water and so does my family-but water is NOT safe. Water will never be completely safe BUT I am going to tell you a few simple things and few small behavior changes you can make that can help keep you and your family to be safeR around water.

Are you in yet? Think about it---we take 20 seconds every time we get in the car to buckle our babies into car seats to keep them safeR. We spend countless minutes reminding our kiddos to put a helmet on before they pedal off to keep them safeR on bikes and scooters. We do these small behaviors over and over because we know they can help prevent tragedies.

I ask you to please take 3 minutes and take the Colin’s Hope water safety quiz here. Then read on and you can quickly add water safety tools to your parenting toolbox (our your pool bag).

10 simple things YOU can do NOW to help prevent drowning:

* Talk to your kids about water safety and tell them to NEVER get in water without an adult Water Guardian (that’s YOU or another adult).

* Understand that drowning is FAST and SILENT.

* Keep Kids in Arm’s Reach when near, in and around water.

* Enroll in formal swim lessons and learn to swim.

* Ensure that your pool and your neighbors pools are fenced and have self latching/ locking gates.

* Weak and non-swimmers should wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved and properly fitted life jacket NOT water wings or floats.

* Teach kids to stay away from pool drains to avoid entrapment.

* Learn CPR

* Visit and learn more, volunteer or donate.

* Share this information with your friends and family- it could save a life!

Colin’s Hope has a vision of a world where children do not drown. I hope that you will share this vision and this important water safety information as we endure another long, hot Texas summer.

In the words of Colin Holst--Have the Best Day Ever!
-Alissa Magrum,
Mom, Colin’s Hope Executive Director, Swimmer

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The IB Approach to Education

The IB Approach to Education

Think back for a moment, to your experiences of school. What were those days like for you? Do you hold fond memories of your time? Or perhaps, they were not times that you reflect upon positively. However you feel about your primary school experiences, more importantly, I would like you to consider how well they prepared you for your life ahead.

More so than ever before, as educators, we are preparing children for a vastly changing, and unknown future. Technological advancements, the changing face of the work place, simmering political tensions and scientific progression, all contribute to an ever-changing expectation of what and who our students will become. The bottom line is, we do not know who they will become, or what options will be available to them at that time; therefore, we must formulate an educational path for them that produces highly adaptable and capable adults, ready for whatever life has in store.

Traditional and conventional methods of education are rendering themselves obsolete in preparing children for the challenges that lie ahead; their schooling, career paths and life experiences. As the world’s expectations and ‘goal posts’ shift, so too must education’s responsibility to prepare children for future life. Rote learning, fact-based studies, sterile classroom environments, educators regurgitating curricula to impassive students, and pressurized, assessment-driven studies are counter-intuitive to this aim.

An IB education seeks to offer a solution.

“The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world.” [International Baccalaureate Organization, 2013].

It is a holistic and inquiry-based approach to learning, founded in a philosophy of creativity, imagination and independence. Through inquiry, action and reflection, the programme aims to develop students’ abilities to think, self-manage, research, communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently. An IB education seeks to guide and nurture students towards being knowledgeable, conscientious, pro-active, and free-thinking citizens, who are globally-aware, and culturally tolerant.

Through ‘units of inquiry’, an IB student’s studies fall within 6 themes, which transcend the conventional boundaries of discrete, individually taught, subject areas. These themes; Who We Are, Where We Are In Place and Time, How We Organize Ourselves, How The World Works, How We Express Ourselves, and Sharing The Planet, encourage students to delve deeper and become immersed in their areas of focus, and make connections between their learning and the real world around them. Traditional subject areas are immersed within each of these themes, so that students can see the inter-connectivity of everything that they are learning.

In addition, a large focus is placed on the pastoral, social and emotional development of students, with the understanding that by acquiring and effectively applying the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, students will be able to set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

In a world of unknowns, an IB education creates students who are ready, confident and able. IB students are motivated, globally-minded and socially conscious citizens, primed and inspired to take thoughtful action for the betterment of the world around them. They are the leaders and learners of tomorrow, and I know that they will be the ones who will make a positive difference in the world in the years to come.

-Eleanor Mitchell, Deputy Head, International School of Texas

Take a look at International School of Texas, a non-profit, independent private school serving the areas of Bee Cave, Lakeway, Steiner Ranch, Four Points, River Place, Westlake and the surrounding communities. The school’s mission is to provide students with rigorous academics while growing global citizens and global leaders. Visit their website to learn more or call (512) 351-3403 to schedule a tour.

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10 Benefits of Learning Ballet

10 Benefits of Learning Ballet

If your child is mesmerized by beautiful dancing or loves to move to music, learning ballet could be a wonderful activity for them. Besides the pure joy many children get from dancing, there are countless benefits to studying ballet - physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual. Here are just some of them:

1. Regular exercise and fitness

2. Strong and toned muscles

3. Improved coordination, balance and agility

4. Creative expression promoting emotional health

5. Music appreciation and connecting movement and music

6. Discipline and focus

7. Increased self confidence through practice and progress

8. Release from daily worries and stress

9. Camaraderie with fellow classmates and performers

10. Useful skills for sports and other kinds of dance

At Slavin Nadal School of Ballet we strive to give each of our students the finest classical training in a nurturing and inclusive environment. We offer year round classes for ages 3 through adult and a free trial class.

This year we have "Movement & Make Believe" Summer Camps for ages 5-8 with weekly themes and no prior dance training needed! Registration is open! For more information give us a call at 512-371-1213 or visit

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