38th Street Pharmacy

Come visit us at 38th Street Pharmacy. We are a store with a small town atmosphere and competitive prices. Independently owned and operated by Jeffrey and Sandra Warnken since 1991, we have a professional and caring staff to meet your pharmaceutical needs. If time or transportation is a problem, let us be your problem solver. We can deliver to your doorstep or a location of choice. Why wait in long lines and deal with non-personal people when you can come to 38th Street Pharmacy.
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38th Street Pharmacy Services:
Delivery Service Available
Charge accounts welcome
UPS/U.S. Mail shipping
Worker’s Compensation claims welcome
File insurance claims
We accept most 3rd party insurance plans

Specializing in pediatric medications
AIDS medications
Cancer medications
Chronic Pain Management Medications
Nursing Homes
Blister Packs
We offer gift cards and gift items

Personalized Prompt Service Guaranteed!