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Looking for something for your kids or family?  We’ve got you covered!  In The Austin Kid’s Directory you will find businesses that are passionate about helping Austin families.  When you contact them, please be sure to let them know you found them in 
The Austin Kid’s Directory.  They are always happy to have this feedback.
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Activities and Classes

From after school activities to mommy & me classes … so many choices!  What extracurricular activity is your child excited about?  

Birthday Parties & Event Planning

Always fun to celebrate a birthday or special event! From venues to entertainment to party planners and more The Austin Kid’s Directory has options to help you put together the perfect special day.


Kids out of school?  Central Texas has so many options for kids and families to fill this time.  Camps are a great opportunity to allow kids to have new experiences, make new friends, and have a fun-filled summer or holiday break.  Look here for Summer Camps serving the Austin metro area.

Childcare & Education

Supporting a child’s learning is of critical importance to every parent. The Austin metro area has many options for preschools and private schools to complement your child’s learning style and your family’s preferences. As well as there are educational resources to support learning outside of the classroom including tutoring, special needs support and more.

Family Fun

Looking for something family friendly and fun to do? There are always lots of activities to choose from both indoors and outdoors! And don’t forget to check our online calendar of events as well for special happenings in the Austin metro area.


We love to eat and to find a restaurant that feels welcoming to families, cooking classes or the perfect sweets for a party!


Kerbey Lane Cafe


We know that taking care of your family’s health is a top priority. These professionals are experts in their field and happy to have the opportunity to serve you.


Shopping for your child and family can be a joy! Visit these stores and get help finding the perfect fit for what you need. We guarantee these businesses will be happy to see you. 

Services & Other Resources

From kids’ haircuts to planning the perfect family vacation to having a lovely portrait taken these businesses strive to make life easier for you!

Special Needs

Working with someone who understands the needs of your child and your family is important.  These businesses know how to help families who need extra support with their special needs child.

Virtual Programs