Sherwood Forest Faire & Summer Camp

Youth Summer Camp 2022 at Sherwood Forest Faire will be three one-week sessions: July 3rd – 9th, July 10th – 16th and July 17th – 23rd. There will also be a week of Grown Up Summer Camp for ages 21+. Campers are transported back in time to a world of knights, ladies and a simpler way of life. Book by December 31st for $50 off per session or by March 31st for $25 off per session.

Tickets are now on sale for the Sherwood Forest Faire 2022! Event held Weekends March 5th – April 24th and Friday March 18th. Faire features over 150 live performances daily & over 170 artisans in a medieval-style village. Check website for details and ticket information. Located just 35 miles east of Austin on Hwy 290.

More about Sherwood Forest Youth Camp:
How many of us wonder if we could have been really great at some type of craft or skill, given an earlier start? Sherwood Forest Summer Camp attendees have the opportunity to try their hands at many crafts and skills that are no longer widely taught. Maybe your child is a natural with a bow? Or perhaps they are made for the stage, but never had a chance to be in a play before. It is amazing what a child can learn without the distractions of the modern.

Campers may sleep in Sherwood Castle (yes, it’s a real castle) or in one of the Merry Folks’ Pavilions (with nightly bedtime stories). Sherwood Castle is an indoor, climate controlled environment with bunk beds. The Pavilions are large, military-grade tents which stand over a raised wooden platform. They are insulated and climate controlled. Our more adventurous campers will enjoy this option because, although it is a bit more luxurious than traditional camping, campers still get to be closer to nature and enjoy the night air and the sound of crickets and denizens of the forest.

We offer a healthy, kid friendly menu with options to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Our catering is performed by an experienced caterer, with attention give to special dietary needs or restrictions.

All of our hands-on activities take place in our 23-acre medieval village. Campers will be transported back in time to a world of knights, ladies, and a simpler way of life. Campers will learn skills essential to daily living in the medieval era. No modern entertainment devices will be available. Our new curriculum provides greater choice and variety for our campers. Now instead of being assigned to a set of courses each camper above age 9 will be able to choose all of their individual classes. Another change will be the number of classes. Previously campers were unable to complete more complex projects in classes. Campers will now have 5 hours of class time and will be able to create as much as they desire. In addition we add new classes every year to give even greater choice selections!

New this year- The Tournament of Champions!
What is the Tournament of Champions Youth Camp?
Sherwood Forest Summer Camp has always listened to suggestions for new camp ideas. Our campers have been asking for a new experience to add on to what they have been learning and doing during youth camp. We have decided to add a fourth week built on a completely different model. Our campers will be part of a clan working together with a leader to learn new skills and complete a special challenge or competition.

Which clan will your camper be a part of:
King Richard’s Crusaders
Prince John’s Knave’s
Robin Hood’s Rogues
Maid Marian’s Courtiers
Lady Phoenix’s Seelie Fae
Nui & Nyrun’s Unseelie Fae

And we offer Sherwood Forest Grown Up Camp!
Sherwood Forest Grown-Up Summer Camp offers adults age 21+ the opportunity to learn skills and crafts of the renaissance era. Each camper will receive three hours of instruction in five different courses during their camp adventure. The event spans three days, and in addition to the course instruction campers will enjoy three high-quality meals, some time for relaxation or cooling off in the pool each day, and of course revelry at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem at night!