Five Things to Make Your Family Vacation Go Smoothly

It’s time to start planning your family vacation! Here are some great tips from Melissa at Mouseketrips:

Five Things to Make Your Family Vacation Go Smoothly

5) Pack lightly-. There are local grocery delivery services in most popular destinations. If you are traveling somewhere that there isn’t one, you can use Babies Travel Lite (http://www.babiestravellite.com/) I have used both options. I prefer the locally owned companies when they are available. You generally pay a delivery fee or a percentage of your total bill. We always order diapers, wipes, snacks, bottled water, etc. Basically items we know we will consume while on vacation but don’t want to have to pack. Do remember to pack enough diapers to get you through one day in case you are delayed at some point.

4) New toys go a long way-Take some new “small” toys for your kids. It doesn’t really matter what they are. The newness factor will keep them entertained during the actual traveling portion of your trip. We have used kids’ meal toys; hit the $1 aisles at Target; Hot Wheels cars; and my kids’ personal favorites are the Disney activity book packs. I have found them at Target and Michaels and they are $1-$2 each. They come with stickers and crayons. We keep a few of those in the diaper bag for dining out also.

3) Schedules are still important-Feed the kids on their regular schedule and make sure they get plenty of rest. I know this sounds like a no brainer but you will be amazed at how easily you can forget that it is time for a snack or lunch when you are having fun. Then your kids hit the point of no return before you have a chance to feed them. I keep raisins and goldfish on hand at all times for this situation. But on vacation I try to anticipate their meal schedule and plan on lunch and dinner within 15 minutes of their normally scheduled times at home. This helps a ton. When traveling for anything longer than an extended weekend, give your kids a break with an early night. On vacation we all tend to let bedtimes go by the wayside and that is ok and expected. But their little bodies need a chance to recharge. We schedule an early night in the middle of every trip to help them get a good night’s sleep. When possible we schedule a date night out for us on the same night and hire a babysitter. Then we get an adult dinner, the gets get to recharge. It’s a win for all!

2) Perfection is overrated- Leave the idea that the vacation has to be PERFECT at home. Something will go wrong no matter how much you plan. Allow the detours. Don’t force the fun to happen and you will eliminate your stress. If you go into a vacation not expecting perfection from every moment, you will be more relaxed. Your kids and spouse will appreciate it. Don’t be the parent screaming “You WILL have fun and like it!” We’ve all been there. Take a breathe, live in the moment and the kids will remember the fun even when something doesn’t go as you expected it to.

1) Use a Travel Agent-Use a professional to help you plan your vacation. I know with the internet you can do it all yourself. But as a busy mom or dad why should you when it is free to let someone else do it for you in most cases? And often travel professionals will find you a better deal than you can on your own. Plus they provide you with more services like itinerary planning, dining reservations, etc for free.

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