Froggin Learning Center Registration Giveaway!

The Austin Kid’s Directory is giving away one free registration fee for Froggin Learning Center! The registration is normally $75 per year and includes all the materials needed throughout the year such as pencils, crayons, markers and tickets (that students earn for participating in class). The students then redeem the tickets at the end of the month for prizes. The registration fee also includes a backpack to help the student carry his/her book and tickets to and from class easily and conveniently. All you need to do to enter is send an email to contest@kidsdirectory.com and tell us why you think it is important for children to learn a second language. A winner will be randomly chosen and notified on Friday, October 18th…yes it’s that easy!

About Froggin

Froggin Learning Center started operations almost 20 years ago in Monterrey, Mexico, teaching English as a second language to children. After several years of study and preparation the first Learning Center was opened in 2005 and by the year of 2010 the franchise was developed. Today there are 13 learning centers in Mexico dedicated to teach English as a second language and we have presence in more than 8 cities including Cancun, Merida, Monterrey, Colima etc. The Learning Center in Austin was opened to offer Spanish as a second language.

Why learn a second language at an early age?

At birth, the newborn’s brain is not fully developed. In the first six years of life, the brain grows dramatically in size and complexity which is the optimal developmental stage to introduce a second language. Children enjoy phonics and have great ability to imitate sounds if presented in a funny way. The younger the child, the easier it is to learn a second language with a more correct accent. Learning a new language promotes creativity in children and increases their self-esteem. Experts have shown that really bilingual children consistently score higher in intellectual ability tests than their monolingual counterparts.

Why is learning Spanish beneficial for my children?

Spanish is the second language most used in international communications. In the U.S., the Hispanic Market is the fastest growing segment. Understanding and fluently speaking Spanish opens vast, new windows of opportunities to succeed in today’s world.

What do we do at Froggin?

Froggin offers Spanish classes for children within a positive and lively environment with stress on personalized attention. They bring together small groups, maximum 8 students in order to increase participation. In the rooms they use a kidney-shaped table to facilitate communication and interaction between the teacher and student. Froggin also provides the stimuli and the necessary materials, making learning Spanish a pleasant and unforgettable experience, in an upbeat atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and cooperation. Froggin employs native-Spanish speaking teachers who use perfect grammar, phonetics and pronunciation. The teachers are very loving and are committed to ensure each student has fun and stays engaged while learning Spanish and Spanish culture.

Froggin books are specially designed to work with their methodology, and are carefully prepared according to their curriculum. Their are 10 levels, each level is five months in length, September through January, or February through June, and a student can join at any time. Classes are twice a week for 50 minutes each class; or once a week for an hour and 45 minutes.

The new Froggin Learning Center is located at 6203 N. Capital of Tx. Hwy. Suite 400 right here in Austin! For more details, visit the Froggin website, send an email to Info@frogginlearning.com or call (512) 345-FROG!

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