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You won”t find another diaper rash ointment available Over-the-Counter with the formulation that Booty Goo has to offer. With its soothing blend of high quality ingredients, it not only treats diaper rash, but prevents future rashes. Booty Goo’s fast acting formula works by sealing the skin to protect against moisture, and providing a clean environment to encourage new skin cell growth. Best news is that you can find Booty Goo at your local Walgreen’s!

Diaper Rash FAQ”s
What causes diaper rash?
Diaper rash occurs when wetness and other irritants become trapped inside a diaper. Areas typically affected include the ‘booty’ and inner thighs.

How do you treat this problem?
Clean the area thoroughly and dry before applying Booty Goo to the affect area. Repeat this procedure every time you change your baby’s diaper until symptoms subside.

What makes Booty Goo superior to other diaper rash ointments?
Booty Goo is made from the finest ingredients with your baby’s health and comfort in mind. The formula has potent base of Zinc Oxide blended with other ingredients, enhanced with Vitamin E and Aloe to soothe and protect delicate skin while it heals. This product works fast and cleans off easily, too!

How can I purchase Booty Goo?
At this time, Booty Goo can only be purchased through this website; however, this product will be available at pharmacies nationwide very soon.

What sizes are available?
Booty Goo comes in a convenient 2.5 oz. tube for easy travel.

Does Booty Goo treat other skin ailments?
Yes. Booty Goo has proven to be effective for treating scrapes, cuts, abrasions, and even minor burns. Adults can also use this product for skin protectant, chafed areas, incontinence rashes and other skin irritations.

Does this product stain fabric?
Any medication that comes into direct contact with clothing may stain. However, Booty Goo does not usually stain like other diaper rash products.

Is there an odor?
Booty Goo has a very subtle, baby-fresh fragrance that is barely noticeable. There are no artificial fragrances or preservatives added.

How fast will I receive this product?
Average shipping of Booty Goo is 24-72 hours.

Can I return this product if not satisfied?
During the 30+ years of distributing Booty Goo, we have never had a dissatisfied customer and are very confident that you will not be returning this product for any reason. We stand behind our products, and if you are not satisfied, we will issue you a refund.

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