Fun and Easy Science Experiment Gifts

Receiving a present from your students is always the best. You know that your student and their parents appreciate you and thought to do something special for you. Sometimes that something special is just a scribble on a card, a macaroni necklace, or another apple ornament. Sometimes figuring out what to give your child’s teacher is a challenge though.

We are always looking for ways to incorporate science into everything that we do – even presents. Here are two fun science projects that are fun presents for teachers too! Your child can create one of these fun presents while exploring science with their favorite adult helper.

Make an Eco-Friendly Bird Feeder

– Tie a string onto a bagel.

– Spread peanut butter on the bagel.

– Sprinkle the bagel with birdseed.

– Hang your new bird feeder on your favorite tree and enjoy the wildlife.

Color Your Own Flowers

– Fill a couple of glasses halfway with water.

– Add 5 drops of different food coloring to each glass.

– Cut an inch off the stem of white carnations.

– Place some of the flowers in each of the glasses.

– Leave the flowers in the colored water overnight.

– Wake up to see the white flowers now have a pop of color.

We hope that the end of the school year is “STEM” tastic and science-filled.

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