Taking Back the Outdoors

When you live in a place as rich in so many natural wonders as Austin, TX, it seems almost silly writing an article about why people should spend time outdoors. However, so many families loaded up with extra–curricular activities and with seductive technology so readily available, it’s good to remind ourselves of the many ways being outdoors benefits families.

Want to improve your social status? Get outdoors.

According to recent Guardian report, being outdoors “boosts problem-solving skills, focus and self-discipline. Socially, it improves cooperation, flexibility, and self-awareness. Emotional benefits include reduced aggression and increased happiness.” The American Medical Association went even further stating, “Children will be smarter, better able to get along with others, healthier and happier when they have regular opportunities for free and unstructured play in the out-of-doors.”

Turn off the screen…for a while.

Hey, we love our phones as much as anyone. However, a recent report from the Kaiser Family Foundation in the US found that the average eight-to-18-year-old American now spends more than 53 hours a week “using entertainment media”. Experts recommend children spend an hour a day moving their bodies. It helps to improve coordination, reduce fat, build Vitamin D, muscle and bone strength.

Chill out this Summer.

It’s not just you who is overstressed. Your children may be, as well. Lindsay Legendre from the Natural Wildlife Federations Be Out There Movement writes, “Spending time outside playing is such a huge outlet for stress. It’s relaxing; it is healing.” There is even research showing that seeing green spaces can help decrease kids’ stress levels.”

Conquer the Hill and ZIKA Fears.

With four young children of their own, Lakeway residents Ben and Erin Archer are strong advocates of getting families back outdoors. Owners of Mosquito Authority Austin, the most trusted name in mosquito control, they help families in Austin, Spicewood, Bee Cave, Lakeway, West Lake Hills and Rollingwood take back their yards. It’s a safe, guaranteed way to ensure that Austin families will continue to enjoy our incomparable natural wonders throughout the summer months.

To reduce your ZIKA fears and just enjoy being outdoors, contact Mosquito Authority at http://www.BugsBiteAustin.com or 512-673-0136.

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