10 Benefits of Learning Ballet

If your child is mesmerized by beautiful dancing or loves to move to music, learning ballet could be a wonderful activity for them. Besides the pure joy many children get from dancing, there are countless benefits to studying ballet – physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual. Here are just some of them:

1. Regular exercise and fitness

2. Strong and toned muscles

3. Improved coordination, balance and agility

4. Creative expression promoting emotional health

5. Music appreciation and connecting movement and music

6. Discipline and focus

7. Increased self confidence through practice and progress

8. Release from daily worries and stress

9. Camaraderie with fellow classmates and performers

10. Useful skills for sports and other kinds of dance

At Slavin Nadal School of Ballet we strive to give each of our students the finest classical training in a nurturing and inclusive environment. We offer year round classes for ages 3 through adult and a free trial class.

This year we have “Movement & Make Believe” Summer Camps for ages 5-8 with weekly themes and no prior dance training needed! Registration is open! For more information give us a call at 512-371-1213 or visit www.SlavinNadal.com

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