Summer STEM Bucket List

Keep your little scientist engaged this summer with these exciting STEM challenges! They are hands-on, collaborative, and encourage your future engineer to think creatively to solve problems.

Challenge #1 Science IS Sweet Extra Challenge!

Overview: Individually or with some friends, summer scientists will explore states of matter as they make their own ice cream in a bag!

Materials needed:

One gallon sized baggie
One quart or sandwich sized baggie
½ cup rock salt
½ cup heavy whipping cream
1 tablespoon sugar
Flavor: a few drops of vanilla or chocolate sauce (optional)

The goal of STEM education is to create confidence while building perseverance through experimentation and investigation. To best prepare future leaders for our ever changing global world, International School of Texas is proud to provide our students, Early Childhood-Grade 5, with a fully equipped STEM/Inquiry Lab. The lab serves as an inquiry driven classroom that encourages collaboration between students to creatively solve problems. Do you have a little scientist eager for more STEM education? Visit our website to learn more or call (512) 351-3403 to schedule a tour.

-Bethani Emery, Director of Admissions, International School of Texas

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