Looking for a New Home?

What are the top 3 things you must know before contacting a realtor:
1. Nothing 2. Nothing 3. Nothing
Seriously! The realization of your Real Estate goals is probably closer than you think. If you feel mentally ready to own a home, you’ve already accomplished the hardest part. The home buying process, from afar, can seem scary and overwhelming.  Buying a home is a process. It is a learning process where as a client you can get involved, stay informed and gain confidence by the time you sign those final papers. Lots of papers… 
The most common misconception is the requirement to put 20% down on your new home. Guess what? FALSE! It’s possible to get into the home of your dreams with as little as 3% cash down payment. Realtor fees are another common misconception. Many think in order to lease a place or buy a home, they have to pay a fee to the realtor. However, all realtor commissions are paid by the Seller or Landlord, so there’s no burden to the buyer or renter. 
You may have a few obstacles to work through like getting out of a lease, improving your credit score or crafting a plan to increase that down payment fund. Buying a home will likely be the biggest purchase of your life. It’s important to find a true advocate and partner with whom you feel totally confident and comfortable.
The team at STRÜB Residential loves working with first-time buyers, in fact 1 out of 3 STRÜB homebuyers is purchasing for the very first time. At STRÜB there is a modern approach to Real Estate. We love all the technology and tools available to make the process more transparent and efficient. We have a passion for helping people, and we believe that we can be extremely effective at doing so while also being fun and lighthearted. We work hard for our clients to make sure they get the right home and, just as importantly, in the right community.
We were recently voted # 1 Real Estate Team of 2020 by Austin Business Journal!
Want to know more? Get in touch and let’s get a conversation going. We’ll teach you everything you need to know- start to finish.

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