Why Do I Pay for Ballet Classes?

Well, I don’t. I don’t pay for ballet classes. As a parent, I pay so my child has experiences that help them learn a million life lessons, and become a competent, capable, upstanding member of society. In my kid’s case, the avenue is ballet, but the lessons are lessons we all needed to learn.

·      To take corrections, incorporate them into your practice, and improve yourself.

·      To persevere, when you’re tired, when you didn’t get the role(s) you wanted, when you just don’t feel like it.

·      To learn that the only person responsible for your growth is you. You have to do the work, over and over again, to see the improvement, but when you do, you OWN that improvement, you EARNED the improvement, and you have the grace to be grateful for your teacher who believed you COULD and showed you the way.

·      To collaborate, and work within a large group creating art.

·      To be part of something BIGGER than yourself.

·      To realize that everyone is important – in an ensemble, every part, every role, every person. When someone is missing, adjustments must be made. Others are relying on you. Showing up is IMPORTANT. You start to see that life is an ensemble.

·      To be IN your body, to listen to your body, to heed your body, to CARE FOR your body.

·      To develop physical strength, stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, balance and coordination.

·      To deal with disappointment, AND success.

·      To make goals, to WORK toward your goals.

·      To make life long friends. To root for your friends, even in things you wanted for yourself and didn’t get this time.

·      To be moving, and thinking, and working all at the same time.

I pay now, so my child can learn to be a life long dancer, understanding that studying ballet can enhance their mental and physical well being at ALL STAGES of life.

Capital City Ballet is Austin’s home for superior classical ballet training in a supportive, creative environment. They offer classes for ages 3–adult. Now registering for Summer Classes and Intensives

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