Tales to Get Your Tails Waggin’ in the Fun Summer Learning Program

Summer Learning Program Recommendations from Your Milwood Library Furry Friends by Jane Pan

Are you looking for something interesting and educational to do in the summer? Summer is the best time to relax and have more time with family. But don’t forget to keep reading and prevent learning loss.  Austin Public Library is presenting safe and free Summer Learning Program this year. The theme of the 2021 Summer Learning Program is Tales and Tails which encourages kids to explore the fun animal world and Mother Nature. Each kid can choose from lots of fun activities at home, complete a reading log, and win a prize book! Teens will receive zine/activity books to work on writing-based prompts, games, and reading logs. Need help with book suggestions and tips on participating in the Austin Public Library Summer Learning Program? Milwood Library pets are happy to share their favorite Summer Learning Program activities and book lists. How exciting that they can play outside, swim in the pool, run in the parks, play fun games, and dive into the literary world the whole summer!

Luna is a great explorer! Just like Bilbo Baggins from the classic tale The Hobbit, she is always ready for a new adventure, especially if she stays well fed. As a curious and energetic dog, Luna’s favorite activity is Citywide Scavenger Hunt. She will leave her paw prints in many places this summer.

Tales to get her tail wagging: Citywide Scavenger Hunt | Austin Public Library | BiblioCommons

Luna (2 years old)

Woody is a rescue dog and joined his family from Austin Pets Alive. He likes books about dogs finding their forever home. Gibson loves to peek and see what’s on the dinner table. Having been living in the same family for three years, Gibson and Woody have something in common now — enjoying yummy food, since the dog’s love of food is contagious. Gibson and Woody found the two best activities for them are Read It and Eat It and Tails and Tales Picnic. They can’t wait to make food and set up a picnic together. What a fun day filled with trying new recipes and tasting delicious food with your best friend!

Tales to get their tails wagging: Read It and Eat It | Austin Public Library | BiblioCommons Picnic Party | Austin Public Library | BiblioCommons

Woody (3 years old)

Gibson (4 years old)

Dupree and Sweetie are always the best buddies. There are so many fun things they do together daily, watching the sunset, enjoying a good nap, and playing balls in the yard, etc. Since they are so fond of discovering something new in the neighborhood every day, their favorite activity is Neighborhood Travel Mini-zine. Sweetie and Dupree, what’s your next destination? Remember to take some paper and color pencils with you on the way. One, two, three, ready, set, go! 

Tales to get their tails wagging: My Neighborhood | Austin Public Library | BiblioCommons

Dupree (4 years old) and Sweetie (13 years old)

Baby girl and Bobo are constantly looking for fun things to do together. One thing they found super interesting is to make a teen zine book that includes lots of games and fun writing pieces. The booklet was prepared by a group of talented teens of the Austin Public Library Teen Council. They also want to make animal paper dolls and take them on exciting adventures. Be creative! Let your imagination fly! 

Tales to get her tail wagging: Teen Central’s Favorite Quick Reads for Teens (YA) | Austin Public Library | BiblioCommons

Bobo (13 years old)
Baby Girl (13 years old)

It is unbearably hot! Corpus is so ready for a day at the beach and playing in the sand. Her favorite activity is Tell Your Tale and Make a Book. She is so delightful that she learned to DIY books after watching the instructional video on the website of Austin Public Library.  One day, she will share her own story with everyone. That’s a long, long, long …… story for sure.

Tales to get her tail wagging: Tell Your Tale: Make a Book! | Austin Public Library | BiblioCommons

Corpus (22 years old)
Starlight (3 months)

Starlight is a super friendly puppy who just became a member of her family two months ago. She can’t live without her stuffed animals and toys. However, a troublesome pirate just stole her best stuffed animal friend! She has an important mission to complete this summer–saving her friend. No matter who the thief is, no matter where the thief is, she will hunt her/him down!

Tales to get her tail wagging: Save the Stuffy! Scavenger Hunt Program | Austin Public Library | BiblioCommons

Camilla loves to chew on things almost every single minute. That’s a puppy’s way to relieve pain from teething and explore the world around them. She thinks the best thing to do in the summer is playing in the garden where she can chew grass and make new friends. One day, guess what she found in the garden? A toad! Now she works so hard to help her family build a toad hall to give nice shades for toads in the hot summer. 

Tales to get her tail wagging: My Neighborhood | Austin Public Library | BiblioCommons

Camilla (4 months old)

Ms. Nelson was named after the main character of the book “Miss Nelson is Missing!” Toby likes Professor Wormbog because he is big, silly, and friendly, like the characters in the book — Professor Wormbog in Search for the Zipperump-a-zooby. Since these two brave cats are willing to embrace challenges all the time, they can’t wait to start their own obstacle course this summer. 

Tales to get their tails wagging: Obstacles Ahoy! | Austin Public Library | BiblioCommons

Toby (7 years old)
Miss Nelson (12 years old)

Nothing is more fun than doing some entertaining and learning activities with family and friends in the summer. Again, don’t forget to turn in your summer reading log and get a free prize book from the Austin Public Library before September! 

Note: All book lists are compiled by youth librarians of Austin Public Library.

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