5 Transformative Skills Gained from Being a Youth Entrepreneur

Since 2021, the Ascent Academy Children’s Business Fair has been an annual event drawing young entrepreneurs to run their businesses with real world results. Beyond being a fair where customers can purchase crafts, services, pastries and more, it serves as a dynamic, real-world classroom, imparting essential life skills that play a pivotal role in shaping the futures of its young participants and guests. is youth entrepreneurship so powerful? So why is entrepreneurship so powerful? Let’s explore five transformative skills children can cultivate through embarking on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Public Speaking and Confidence: The fair compels children to engage directly with potential customers, which in turn requires them to find their voice. This journey towards effective communication not only enhances their articulation skills, but also instills the kind of confidence that arises from addressing diverse audiences. These young entrepreneurs discover the power of effective communication as a tool to convey the value of their businesses and the cost of ineffective communication as they sell their work. 

Grit and Resilience: Entrepreneurship, even on a small scale, is rarely a seamless path. These budding businesspersons quickly come to appreciate the essence of grit and resilience. They understand that persistence often paves the way to success. Dealing with the inevitable ups and downs of business teaches them the art of bouncing back from failure, a skill that’s indispensable when facing various challenges. 

Financial Literacy: Operating a business demands a fundamental grasp of financial management, budgeting, and comprehending income and expenses. Through this experience, children begin to unravel the intricacies of money management and the value of their effort. These early lessons in financial literacy form the foundation for sound financial decision-making in adulthood. 

Responsibility and Preparedness: With their own ventures at stake, children wholeheartedly embrace responsibility. To be successful, they must meet deadlines and uphold commitments made to others. They become attentive and prepared, adopting a customer-centric approach that is a hallmark of successful businesses. This sense of responsibility carries over into other aspects of life, reinforcing their sense of reliability and commitment. 

Creativity and Innovation: Entrepreneurship serves as a nurturing ground for creativity. Children are encouraged to think outside the box and discover novel ideas, products, or services to meet the needs and desires of their customers. This spirit of creativity and innovation not only fuels their business ventures but can also shape their approach to problem-solving and innovation in various aspects of life. 

The Ascent Academy Children’s Business Fair, part of the network of Acton Children’s Business Fairs around the world, is more than just an event; it’s a gateway to a world of opportunity and personal growth for Austin’s young entrepreneurs. Through their ventures, these children are not only learning the art of business, but also gaining essential life skills. Public speaking, grit, financial literacy, responsibility, and creativity are just the tip of the iceberg. 

We invite you to join us and experience firsthand the incredible power of entrepreneurship in shaping the future of Austin’s budding minds. Attending the fair is a fun and rewarding experience that combines the joy of discovering unique products with the fulfillment of supporting young entrepreneurs and engaging with the local community. 

The Ascent Children’s Business Fair takes place on December 2, 2023 from 10am to 1pm. The fair is free and open to the public. Debbie Tye, publisher of the Austin Kid’s Directory will be one of the judges this year! Visit www.childrensbusinessfair.org/ascent-austin for more details.

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