Please Support Local Businesses as Much as You Can in the Coming Months:)

Thank you for visiting our website! Local small business owners are working hard to reinvent how they provide what you and your families need right now.  

Many local retailers and restaurants are offering curbside pickups.  

Childcares are doubling down to ensure the safety of the children they are continuing to care for.  There are still parents who have to go to work in healthcare, grocery stores, etc and if you are one of those parents we send you a heartfelt thank you.

Places that offer activities, education and family entertainment are working to put in place ways to offer these programs online.  And some businesses simply can’t be open right now.

Our local business owners are innovative, caring, hard-working people who provide so much for our community.  If you are in a position to do so, please sign up for the programs they are offering, buy gift cards to use when this passes, and choose to pick up what you need from a local business as often as you can.  I guarantee you it will be appreciated and our community will be stronger with your support.

Watch our calendar and follow us on social media.  We are adding virtual programs to our calendar and also sharing lots of information about what businesses are offering as they make adjustments to meet your needs in the current environment.  We also will be adding to our blog content with expertise from the many talented business owners we are blessed to work with.  Lots happening here!  And always open to suggestions and feedback so please contact us if you have any.  

With gratitude,

Debbie Tye, Publisher

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